Our email marketing service is very flexible, you only pay for as little or as much as your require. Our expertise will be tailored to your specific needs. We are happy to design one-off templates, set up an email marketing system that you can run yourself or provide a fully managed email marketing service, including generating copy. Envoy can work with your current email service provider (ESP) or can set you up with another one.

Here's an outline of our services and examples below of enewsletters and landing pages. Do get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Managed Email Marketing Service

Envoy will cover everything to ensure that your email campaigns are sent out free of errors and on schedule.
Envoy will share our expertise with you to develop an email marketing strategy tailored to you and your audience. We will then manage all the time-consuming detail involved in creating robust and effective marketing emails, including sourcing copy and images, segmenting the list, testing and final delivery. Then we will analyse the results and provide reports and development suggestions.

Optimising Your Sign-up Process

It is very important to create a good impression during the sign-up process, when your subscribers are at their most receptive.
A person subscribing to your list is giving you a great compliment. In many cases, it's more important than that person buying something from you. A purchase can be a fleeting, one-off event. Someone going out of their way to hand you their personal details, saying, “I want to keep hearing from you”, can be a much more meaningful commitment and opportunity. It is also a crucial moment in your relationship with them. Envoy can advise and create sign-up and data capture forms, single and double-opt in lists, and customised confirmation pages and emails. This is an ideal opportunity for you to establish a reputation for sending useful, relevant and timely emails that will set the stage for an active ongoing relationship.

Welcome and Engagement Programmes

Making an initial good impression will increase the likelihood of your emails being recognised and opened in the future.
It is during the first few weeks after signing up to a newsletter that people tend to be most interested. Therefore it is wise not only to contact, but also to connect with new subscribers during this period. The impression you give at the outset will influence your long-term relationship with subscribers and could prevent them from becoming inactive later. Marketeers using new-subscriber email programmes see response rates of six to ten times that of their standard campaigns.
Envoy will share our experience with you to develop a series of welcoming emails that will maximise early engagement with your subscribers, when they are at their most receptive, establishing a reputation for sending meaningful and content-rich emails. 

List Cleaning and Re-engagement Programmes

Use your email analytics to develop a re-engagement strategy to win back lapsed subscribers and improve opening rates.
On average, 15-25% of all valid email addresses are discarded each year as people move to a different internet service provider (ISP), change jobs or otherwise acquire a new address. It is sensible to cease emailing someone who has lost interest. But long-term inactivity isn't a good indicator that someone falls into that category. Envoy can help you use your analytics to develop a re-engagement strategy to win back lapsed subscribers and weed out the truly inactive email addresses, resulting in a subscriber list that is cheaper to run and more effective. We can also advise you about techniques to reduce disengagement in the first place.

Email Marketing Health Check

Quick fixes and longer-term recommendations to improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns.
Envoy is also happy to undertake a health check of your existing emails, including design, cross-platform rendering, accessibility, subject lines, content, deliverability and a review of analytics. We will advise on ways in which these could be improved.

Designing Email and Landing Pages

Envoy has designed hundreds of email newsletters and landing pages.
Email design is wonderfully flexible, enabling you to convey your personality stylishly and effectively. Envoy designs bespoke, responsive HTML emails that will render well on all devices, ranging from desktop computers to tablets and mobile phones. Often, email campaigns require dedicated complementary landing pages, such as for a competition or poll, which Envoy can also design and create.



Examples of landing pages created by Envoy

Examples of email newsletters created by Envoy
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